Payment System

Basic Plan : All-you-can-taste sake

3,000 yen (No time limits)
2,000 yen (90 minutes)
1,000 yen (30 minutes)

(tax not included)

*Credit card payment is now possible.
*Every Monday & Tuesday is double stamp day
*Book online to receive a complimentary side dish gift

Private-Booking Course

Plan Comparison


     No Time Limits   90 Minutes 30 Minutes
Enjoy sake at your own pace. 3,000 yen 2,000 yen 1,000 yen
Select your cup
Bring food in
Purchase Side Dishes
Book in Advance
Lunch Time Session X X
Use Credit Card
Pay by QR Code X X
Web Booking Bonus X X
Use Coupons X X


A space to enjoy sake at your own pace

Over 100 Types of Undiscovered sake from Across the Country

There is still so much delicious sake out there that has yet to make it into the spotlight. Sake produced by small breweries with the same attention to detail as the bigger ones. We have selected 100 of these for your tasting pleasure. Come to KURAND and discover something new.

Self-Serve Style Without Having to Keep an Eye on the Clock or Your Wallet

At KURAND there is no need to keep an eye on the clock because our all-you-can-taste plan comes with no time limits. So that you can enjoy sake at your own pace we operate a self serve style where you simply select a sake from the fridge and pour as little or as much as you like. Lots of new discoveries await at KURAND.

Bring Your Own Food or Pop Out for More

You can bring your own food into KURAND which might include home-cooked fare. Sake always tastes more delicious when you pair it with food. It is just another dimension to the experience. Try pairing different types of food with different types of sake and find that perfect match. Our flexible re-entry policy means that you can pop out to stock up on food at any time you like.

Ask Our Staff for Recommendations

With so much sake on offer, you might find yourself a little lost for choice. Don’t worry, our staff will be only too happy to recommend you something based on your preference. Our staff are well trained and knowledgeable, so they are guaranteed to find something to suit. They can also recommend some unique interesting ways to enjoy sake.

A Toast with Water

So that everyone enjoys sake safely and healthily, our staff sometimes carry out a toast with a chaser of water. In Japan, it is said that as long as you drink 1.5 times more water than sake you will feel less negative effects the following day. Regardless of whether there is a toast with water or not, keep yourself well hydrated during your time at KURAND.

Experience the passion of the brewer for yourself!
Visits from selected brewers

As our aim has always been to bring our customers and brewers closer together, so from time to time, we invite the brewers down to toast their amazing sake together with everyone. These events are run on and off with no fixed schedule. This is your chance to quiz the brewer about their brewing techniques, secrets of the trade or just find out what makes them tick. It’s a fascinating experience that is sure to make sake taste even more delicious.

Upgrade with Every Visit and Receive an Amazing Bonus

All customers will receive an original KURAND member’s card on their first visit. Every time you visit, we stamp the card. Collect the stamps to upgrade. With every new upgrade, the colour of the card and your title changes, and you even receive a little bonus gift.

A Rich Selection of Umeshu and Japanese Liqueurs Crafted by Sake Breweries

As well as sake, our fridges are stocked with an assortment of rare umeshu and Japanese liqueurs, all produced by sake breweries. From the signature citrus fruit liqueurs including flavours like mikan (mandarin) and lemon, to yoghurt, chestnut, pumpkin and many more. They are quite sweet so better enjoyed as a digestif, a great way to refresh the palate after a session of sake tasting.

A Selection of Side Dishes are Also Available to Purchase

For customers who select the flat-rate option, each branch sells a selection of side dishes to pair with sake. There are over 10 types to choose from all served in tasting-size portions.

Beer is Also Included

Customers on the all-you-can-taste plan can also enjoy as much beer as they like. It’s included in the price.

No Smoking

So that everyone can enjoy sake unhindered by smoke, all our branches are no-smoking.
Ash trays are available for you to smoke outside. Please ask staff for more details.

System Overview

All-you-can-taste Sake

3,000 yen (ex tax) No Time Limits
2,000 yen (ex tax) 90 minutes
1,000 yen (ex tax) 30 minutes

*All-you-can-drink draft beer is also included



Opening Hours 17:00 – 23:00 (Last Order: 22:45)
Holidays None
Bring Your Own Food There is no extra charge to bring your own food. However, so that everyone can enjoy sake unhindered, we do not allow strong smelling food or cookers that create smoke onto the premises. You are free to enter and re-enter as you please during your session.
*It is not possible to bring alcohol from outside onto the premises
Equipment Provided Water, water cups, microwave, plates and dishes (plastic), chopsticks, spoons, fork, oshibori (wet towels), soy sauce, all free.
Microwave Free to use / Self Service
Chopping Boards / Knives We can lend you a chopping board and knife. Please ask staff.
Sold in the Branch Side dishes and finger food to pair with sake (200 yen each)
Ukon no Chikara energy drink (200 yen)
Delivery It is possible to order food out. Please ask staff for more details.
Bring Your Own Cup Maybe you already have your own favourite drinking cup. You are free to bring your own cup. However, to reduce over-drinking, we place a limit on the size allowed. Our staff will require you to show them the cup to confirm it is within the permitted size.
You Can Warm the Sake A special machine is provided for you to warm sake.
Chargers Provided There are free mobile chargers available should you be running low on juice when you arrive. Simply ask our staff.
All Branches Provide Free WI-FI Free WI-FI is provided at all our branches and is free to use.
Payment by Credit Card OK Credit card is accepted.

Visa Master Saison Coineyでクレジット―カード決済
*Because KURAND is all about enjoying sake and Japanese liqueurs and umeshu, other types of alcohol are not permitted.
*Soft drinks are allowed
*All our branches are 100% non smoking. Please smoke outside.
*Be careful not to overdrink. Customers who we have judged to have overdrunk will be asked to stop drinking and may have to leave.

*Management accepts no responsibility for trouble caused by food, drink and sake cups brought into the premises.
*Customers may be asked to share tables with other customers during busy times
*Customers who arrive inebriated may be refused entry.
*Minors are not permitted on the premises even if accompanied by an adult. This includes babies, toddlers and infants.
*In the interest of other customers, filming video to be broadcast outside (live streaming, etc.) is not permitted.
*Staff will not get involved with disputes between customers.