【Step 00】Feel Free to Bring your Own Food!
Dishes and chopsticks are provided.

We don’t just allow you to bring your own food, we encourage it. Water, water cups, microwave, dishes, spoons & forks, oshibori (wet towels) soy sauce is provided.

【Step 01】Payment is in advance.
Please pay when you enter.

Entrance is 3,240 JPY.
If there a lot of people in your group, this bit can be completed much quicker, if the money is gathered together from everyone and paid in one installment.

【Step 02】First, Select a Cup
There are Various Types to Choose From

Simply choose whatever takes your fancy. It is possible to change your cup for a different type later. The taste of sake changes depending on the type of cup, so be sure to try them all!

【Step 03】Get a Stamp

We will stamp your hand so that you can exit / re-enter at your leisure.
You are free to come and go as much as you like. Please remember to show your stamp on re-entry.

【Step 04】Our Staff Explain the System

Our staff Explain How the System Works.
For first timers, our staff will give a short explanation of how the whole experience works. Please listen carefully to their explanation so that you get the most out of the experience.

【Step 05】Check Out the Book of Brewery Stories

Each and every brewery has a story to tell, and makes sake with a particular focus. We have crammed them all into one menu book for you to peruse while you sip sake.

【Step 06】Choose from a line-up of over 100 types.
Satisfy your curiosity

Simply select a sake that catches your eye and pour as little or much as you like into your chosen cup.

【Step 07】Turn to Staff for Recommendations

Should you find yourself a little lost for choice, our staff will be only too happy to guide you.
Each of our staff has expert sake knowledge and are there to help you.

【Step 08】You can also enjoy warm.
Experiment with different temperatures.

Each shop is equipped with a machine you can use to warm sake as well as temperature measuring devices. Some types of sake are best as they are. Please consult our staff of you are not sure.

【Step 09】Exit and Reentry is free
You may go out and buy food anytime you like

Our flexible re-entry policy means that when the food runs out, you can go out and buy more. Please be sure to let our staff know when you exit.

【Step 10】All rubbish goes in the bins
Please help tidy before you leave

Once all the fun is over, please help by cleaning up any leftover food and rubbish.