Sake is all the more delicious when you drink knowing who made it and the passion that went into it.

Enjoy sake painstakingly crafted by a family or small team of people.

All our sake is outside the mainstream, crafted by a family or small group of people, putting a strong emphasis on the story and passion in each and every bottle. Our aim is to deliver authentic regional sake that has yet to find an audience outside outside the local region where it is brewed.

Flavours that can only be obtained from the brewery directly.

All sake is delivered direct from the brewery. Freed from the constraints of normal distribution, we are able to bring you sake with a freshness that you would normally have to go to the brewery to experience.

The freshness of Sake is important.Our quality control is thorough.

So that each sake reaches you in the best condition, all products are stored in large on-site refrigerators.
In the interests of freshness, rather than keeping large amounts of stock on site, sake is delivered from the warehouse to the shops on a daily basis. We bring you sake that is always fresh. The factors that cause sake to deteriorate are light, air and temperature. The sake is looked after properly by professionals who do everything in their power to make sure that this does not happen.