Creating New Sake Stories

KURAND is a new type of sake store bringing you stories about sake.

We form partnerships with unique breweries from all over Japan to produce new sake and deliver it with a story.

The KURAND logo mark is an amalgamation of the half-crescent shape of a rice grain, and the Chinese characters for the word for brewer, kurabito (蔵人) which can also be read KURANDO, the way KURAND is pronounced in Japanese. The bright colours represent the unique characters of our partner breweries.

Development of New Sake & Fruit Liqueurs
with Boutique Breweries from All Over Japan

Rather than showcase mainstream brands, our concept is all about giving the smaller, lesser-known, boutique breweries their chance in the spotlight. These breweries may be smaller, but what they lack in size, they more than make up for with passion and skill. All brewers craft sake with the same love and care, so size really doesn’t matter. For each new original product that we produce, we are involved in every step of the process; from devising the concept, to selecting the ingredients. We even lend a hand in the brewing itself. Watch this space as there are plenty of exciting new original products in the pipeline.

Stories that Make Sake Taste Even More Delicious

Each and every brewery has a unique story to tell. KURAND offers a place to discover not only sake but the stories of how it is made, of the people who craft it, of the passion that goes into each and every drop. We believe that these stories have the power to make sake taste even more delicious. You won’t find any mainstream brands but that’s not because they don’t have stories to tell, it’s just that the stories are already well known enough. We want to bring you new stories that have yet to be told and spread them throughout the world. There are so many out there still waiting to be discovered. Every story gives sake new value and opens it up to a new audience which is the end objective of the KURAND experience.

KURAND is all About Delivering
An Amazing Sake Experience

Before we started KURAND, every new sake discovery would leave us pondering why such delicious sake was only available to enjoy inside the brewery locality. There are lots of different reasons for this. Many of these breweries are family run, and sometimes the workforce is simply too small to produce the yield needed to supply a wider audience. Other times it is down to logistics. Whatever the reason, the fact that such delicious sake never gets to be experienced is a waste. KURAND is our solution. And nothing is more important than the experience. That is why we are constantly tweaking and adding new features, so that every time you visit, there is something new to discover.

KURAND is Run by a Team of Sake Professionals

The KURAND team includes a former toji (master brewer), a former brewer who worked for a mainstream brewery, a host of international kikisakeshi, sake teachers and even former chefs, all professionals who bring diversity and allow us to challenge sake depths that have never before explored before. Of course these challenges wouldn’t be possible in the first place without our partner breweries. These partnerships enable us to produce original sake without actually owning a brewer ourselves and for the brewers it provides them with extra demand that allows them to maximize production capacity. So that all sake reaches our customers in the best condition possible, we distribute through our parent company which is a well-established supplier servicing all of Tokyo and beyond.

Events and Tours Guaranteed to Deepen your Love of Sake

Having such a strong connection to the brewers enables us to run regular tours and events aimed at bringing brewers and drinkers closer together, guaranteed to deepen your love of sake. There are still so many amazing breweries out there just waiting to be discovered. Why not discover them together with us at KURAND.

A fun-filled Encounter with Sake

Regions, ingredients, production techniques, climates, people and seasons are just some of the elements that make sake so unique and diverse. Enjoying this diversity is all part of the KURAND experience. Come to KURAND and step into the world of sake.